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  •   Monthly Homayagnamu (Every first Sunday of the month)
  •   Library & reading room for students
  •  Tuition classes to students
  •  Bhagavad geetha classes
  •  Educational Tours to Students
  •  Monthly Medical Camp at Ashram Premises for our students
  •   Yoga classes
  •   Computer Training
  •   Yoga classes
  •   Moral, devotional, cultural & personality development programmes by inviting expert speakers on Sundays/Holidays
  •   Job oriented Trainings to inmate students
  •  Participation in Sports & Other Competitions
  •  Celebrate all important Hindu Festivals and Birth & Death Anniversaries of great personalities of India
  •   Sanskrit Speaking classes
  •  implementing DIET PLAN suggested by a Dietician for well maintenance of the health of the inmates of the Ashram

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Our Social Service Activities

 Every first Sunday of the month Homa Yagna is performed by eminent persons inviting all our members and guests/donors are also invited

 Our School Project: “Bharateeya Vaarasathwa Sampada Parichayamu” programme is planned for conducting to students of adopted school (Private/Government). The aim of the progamme is to inculcate amongst the students of the selected school moral values, awareness of our Bharateeya Vaarasathwa Sampada and allied subjects.

 Water camps in summer for general public.

 Yoga classes for students & general public.

 Community Ganesh Festival celebrations including Mass Yagnams, Kunkumarchana, Vishnusahasranama Parayanamu, Lalitha Sahastranama Parayanamu, Satyanarayana Vrathamu etc.

 Distribution of Old Clothes, Note Books etc., to financially weak students

  Mana Samskruti Tharagathulu

  Karunya Sindhu Computer Training Centre

  Karunya Sindhu Coaching Centre

  Tailoring and Embroidery Centre for girls/women

  Free Medical Service Centre

  Free Coaching for students from slum areas

 Distribution of Old Clothes, Note Books etc., to financially weak students

  Centre for promoting cultural activities

  Vocational training for boys, girls and women